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"What is a Grunt Dog?"

The idea behind Grunt Dog productions came from an old yellow lab who gave my family so much love and joy for about a dozen years. Grunt was his name, love was his game. 


When I wanted to start my own company, I thought of the things that were important to me in life that I wanted to represent in my brand: Family, love, attitude, work ethic, creativity, ambition, and of course, animals. 

How does a dog represent those sometimes complex qualities? Grunt did. And it’s for that reason I decided to name my company after him. 


Grunt Dog is no longer with us. The big old yellow lab went to heaven (where ALL dogs do). It was one of the hardest times for my 3 sisters and parents. It was (and still is) one of only a handful of times I’ve seen my tough Dad cry. 

We got Grunt as a puppy, and as with all animals in my family, we decided to have a naming contest. We like to get creative with our animals’ names… no Fido’s or Fluffy’s allowed. For example, a previous dog in the Burdine family was named “Four Legs.” Yes, he had four legs. 

Many of the names stemmed from family inside jokes, Tennessee-themes, plays-on-words or military-inspired monikers. In the end, the latter won: Grunt (Although 1-tail was a close second). We chose the name Grunt for a couple of reasons: 1. Grunt is the name for a Marine. My dad is a USMC Colonel, aka, a Grunt. They do the hard work, the dirty work, the ground work…the Grunt work. And 2. Grunt Dog ‘grunted’ quite a bit when we brought him home. It was adorable. Puppy grunts and puppy smells. The cuteness was all incompassing. 


Like most family dogs, Grunt quickly became the most-loved member of our family. He willingly let three girls cuddle him, hold him, carry him, pull his tail and lay on him. To Grunt, it didn’t matter what we did, as long as he was by our side. 


My dad often gives inspirational speeches on leadership and life. In one of his speeches, he focuses on Grunt Dog. 


Grunt followed us wherever we went, did whatever we wanted, and loved us unconditionally. The feeling was mutual. But we slowly learned, it was Grunt’s attitude we should be emulating. 


My dad created a daily “Thoughts by Grunt Dog” email he sent out to us girls. The 'thoughts' were often accompanied by a picture of Grunt Dog and a quote. I still have them framed in my room, and now, they are the inspiration behind my company: 

Grunt Dog the yellow lab quotes about attitude

-What Grund Dog Productions can do for you-

Now that you know all about Grunt-Diggity, let me tell you about how I can help you and your company. I have more than 12 years of experience in media, from radio and television to digital and print. I have more than 65,000 followers across my social media platforms with international engagement. 

I can help you and your company harness a solid brand presence, a consistent social media strategy and a meaningful following with engagement to help you grow. 

If it's traditional media you're interested in, I've got that, too! Need help getting press? Unsure how to pitch stories or get the attention you or your company deserves? I can help you break through the clutter! So many pitches are off base and get deleted automatically. I can help focus your approach and get your company on the map. 

Need help with a special appearance? I can coach you on giving usable soundbites, improve your interview skills and on-air presence. 

Or, if your company as a whole needs media training, I also offer packages to help your employees gain confidence when dealing with the media. From in-person to Skype sessions, I can coach you or your team to make the best impression online and on TV. 


Packages and consulting fees vary. For pricing, email: References also available.